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How the Process Works

Loan Application
During the loan application process, you will be required to provide documentation regarding your income, assets, and liabilities. Cathy will work with you to carefully identify your personal financial goals and to recommend loan programs and financing options that best fit your needs.

Loan Processing
After your loan application is complete, a loan processor will verify the information you provided at application, obtain a credit report, property appraisal and title insurance commitment, and then prepare the loan package for underwriting.

Loan Underwriting
Once the required documentation has been assembled and verified, the loan package will be submitted to the underwriter (lender). The underwriter compares your loan to standard guidelines and, assuming the guidelines are met, issues an approval and loan commitment. When this happens, you will be contacted by Cathy's Team to arrange the "sign off".

Loan Closing
At closing, you will sign the mortgage, promissory note and other required documents conveying ownership of the property from the seller to you.

Loan Servicing
The Post-Closing Relationship Mortgage lenders who service the loans they fund provide more than just the funds necessary to purchase your home. They provide an essential service throughout the life of your loan. The lender administers your monthly principal and interest payment as well as any required property tax, private mortgage insurance and/or flood insurance escrows. Many lenders sell their servicing rights to other entities after closing.

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