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cathy offers loansConvenience for customers, ease of returns, perfect to overcome an emergency, source to afford emergency vacation plans – there are countless ways to define payday loans. It is not an old concept but the concept of online payday loans is definitely a modern one which has revolutionized the ease of accessing, getting approved, and transacting your loans from your comfy bedroom.

Here is how choosing payday loans for overcoming an emergency today will help you with a stress-free tomorrow.


Straightforward Application Process

Applying for payday loans has never been easier. You don’t need to visit a bank or fill long forms, like you do for other types of loans. Also, payday loans do not require long verification processes. All you need to do is simply visit the payday loan website, fill the basic information form, and apply. The application takes a few hours for approval. After approval, the loan amount will be transferred to your account within less than an hour. You only need to show good credit report to the lender.

Security of Information and Protection of Returns

The agency offering you payday loan is accountable for any leaked information of its customers. Therefore, the agencies ensure complete privacy and security of the information of its customers. Apart from that, you can also link your payday loan with your service bank account if you fear the incapability of return or mismanagement of money. The loan amount will be automatically deducted from your account when your salary is deposited into the account.

No Restrictions on Loan Usability

When you receive bank loans, you need to mention the requirement for which that loan would be used along with submitting relevant documents. In case of payday loans, there is no restriction on the use of loan amount. You can even go on an instantly planned family vacation with cousins with payday loan.

No Recurring Subscription Fee or Long Contract

Unlike other loans, you don’t pay recurring subscription fee to get payday loans. The contract is between the payday loan agency and you only which immediately ends when you pay the loan amount. In other words, you don’t enter long contracts with the agency. However, the loan term can be extended as per your need or incapability to pay the loan during set term.

Interest Rate Cap Benefits

If you live in the states of Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio or North and South Dakota then you can avail the benefits of interest rate caps. These states have set a limit for interest rate caps to make sure that the borrowers of payday loans do not pay extra interest. Moreover, the borrowers of payday loans in other states also pay low interest as compared to other types of loans.

Flexible Amounts of Loan

Bank loans mostly start from $2000 and above which means that even if you need a loan of only $200, you still need to apply for $2000. But payday loans offer easier solutions to you. Apply for $200 only if you don’t need more than that. But you can also apply for $10,000 or above when needed. With flexible amounts of loan, it becomes easier for you to manage your needs and loan return.

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Above all, payday loans also offer quick and easy payback packages along with flexible and customizable terms and conditions according to your need. Payday loans offer the easiest and most flexible solutions to meet your emergency needs and with Cathy Does Loans, it becomes even easier with our efficient customer services and lucrative options.

What Do You Need To Take Out a Pay Day Loan?

You may have found yourself in need of cash, and you need these funds quickly. A pay day loan can provide you with the necessary funds to cover yourself until your next pay check, but you will need to qualify first.

This information is often required by lenders for pay day loans, but you must find out the requirements of your specific lender too.

  • Not all lenders are going to have the same requirements for pay day loans. While you can learn about some of the standard requirements, you will need to speak with the lender to find out what you need to do.

  • Many pay day loan providers require that you offer some sort of collateral. This collateral helps to protect the lender in the event that you do not pay back the loan. For example, some lenders will collect your car title and take your vehicle if you fail to pay.

  • Lenders often need to take a look at your credit scores to see how much of a risk you are to their lenders. If you have low credit scores, you may fail to qualify, or you might have high interest rates. You may want to look into providers that specialize in loans for people with low or poor credit.

  • The provider must also assess if you have the ability to pay back the loan. Therefore, you may need to provide proof of your employer, a copy of your most recent pay stub and evidence of your next pay date. This information allows the lender to assess whether or not you can truly pay the money back by the stipulated late.