American Accounting Association

Accounting is one of the most widely accredited professions in the world. The need for an accountant is felt in almost every kind of business and economic activity. Accountants not only help in the running of small and multinational companies, even large public organizations and governments make use of accounting ideals and accountants for a number of different tasks. One of the first torch bearers of all things accounting was the American Accounting Association.



What is the American Accounting Association?

american accountingThe American Accounting Association is an organization that was created to be the leading light and voice of the accounting research, education, and practice. The organization is primarily a professional association that deals with and encompasses academics of accounting in the United States. This organization that has grown from its role of merely being an academic regulator and parent organization of accountants in America to having a global reach was formed in the year 1916. Which makes it one of the earliest formed such organizations if not the first one.

Initially, the name given to the organization was the American Association of University Instructors in Accounting. The name carried on as it is for another 20 years and only took its more general all encompassing name in the year 1936. An important thing to note about the American Accounting Association is that it is a voluntary organization. It is not mandatory for accountants or individuals interested in accounting research and education to be a part of it.

In its own words, the Association is the single largest accountant community in academia. The fact that it was formed almost a century ago, 99 years to be exact, gives it a rich history and standing.

One of the most important aspects of this association is the diversity of its reach. The Accounting Association is always looking for collaboration and innovation. Its core ethics are built on the principles of leading edge publications and research.

Its Functions

One of the chief tasks that the American Accounting Association is known for is the publication of the journal, “The Accounting Review”. This journal is made up of book reviews, abstracts and articles all of which are created in a way that they are able to promote accounting practice, research and education. There are several issues that can come up in the world of accounting and some sections of this journal are dedicated to dealing with these issues through commentaries, publication of researches and instructional resources.

The above and instructional resources in particular not only help the people interested in accounting but also aid the workings of the accounting faculty. They also from time to time publish “Accounting Horizons” which includes papers that have detailed study on issues for integration and application of accounting and its methodologies.

These journals not only regulate the workings of the accounting industry to some extent, they are available members of the American Accounting Association. The members not only have access to these, they are also able to enjoy, special interest groups, publications and newsletters.